Volga Rice

The finest paddy sourced directly from the very best farmers and milled in our mills in Pakistan and India. All varieties of rice in all variants of consumer packs.

Volga Sugar

We do have packs ranging from 5g to 1200Kg. We source from the very best refineries around the world and do have packing of all types of consumer and industrial packs.

Volga Milk Powder

Imports from the very best manufacturers of New zealand, Denmark ,France and Holland. We specialize in both full cream and fat filled milk powders in both industrial and consumer packs ranging from 2.25Kg to 25Kg.

Volga Pulses

We make available to customer the superior quality pulses from various origins. We provide all types of pulses in both bulk and in consumer packing.

Volga Oils

We also Provide premium quality oil which have a high smoke point and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, making it ideal for cooking and frying.

Volga Spices

Volga brand spices are a selection of premium quality spices sourced from different regions around the world. They are carefully blended to add flavor, aroma, and richness to various dishes.

Volga Flour

Volga Flour is a premium flour made from high-quality ingredients. It is versatile, perfect for baking and cooking, and guarantees delicious results every time.

Volga Pickles

Volga pickle is a premium quality condiment made from carefully selected vegetables and spices. It is a perfect blend of tangy and spicy flavors that can add a zing to any meal.

Other Products

We also produce others products like cashew nuts, tea powder, jaggery etc.